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Drop 1 in 21 Testimonial

For some people turning forty is a big, big, big milestone and a sudden wake up up call. The weight doesn’t come off as easily, there’s more weight and suddenly there’s caused for a fitness pause and consider fitness options.
Alyeen Pinera joined the Robaina Fitness "Drop 1 in 21" program after turning 40 years old – noting that the weight wasn’t coming off fast like it used to and after 21 days lost 1 full and (she says) maybe 2 dress sizes.

The Drop 1 In 21 Program guarantees that in 21 days, you will lose at least 1 dress, or pant size. It’s a brand new program. If you’d like to find out more about the Drop 1 in 21 program and find out if it is the right program for you, then call our office at 786-349-9150 and ask for Joe.

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