The Winning Attitude for Weight-Loss


Achieving Your Weight Loss and Fitness Goals When it comes to success in your training goals…It’s 100% mental! If you don’t have the right mental state, you’ll never train your body correctly to get you where you want to go. Attitude is a skill. Just like physical training. You’re “attitude” is not mastered simply by […]

Weight Loss Tip 1, Throw Out Your Scale


When it comes to weight loss, don’t stress over the scale. Don’t cry over that extra .02 pounds that wasn’t there before you had lunch. Every day I see people walk in happy and confident, then after a hard workout get on the scale expecting to see a dramatic loss in weight and when they […]

Nothing But The Truth!


Greetings Robaina Fitness Crew!!! Since 1994, one of the most valuable services we’ve offered members is Health & Fitness Information You Can TRUST. We’ve never been about the quick fix, the miracle pill, methods that do nothing for you long term or worse, that have the potential to injure your health. The health/fitness industry is […]

Eat & Be Lean 101


Quick Start Tips These are some of the basics I consider a MUST if you’re serious about fat loss. If you’re not familiar with our Eat & Be Lean program, these tips will get you going in the right direction. However, I highly recommend you purchase the video & get started right NOW. It has […]