Eat and Be Lean For Life!


Hello Robaina Fitness Gang!

This is one of our most important announcements ever, because it introduces one of the most important and exciting programs we’ve ever offered.

  • This program could put an end to your weight/fat loss problems…forever.
  • This program is available to BOTH Members and Non-Members of our facility.
  • Introducing the NEW Eat & Be Lean For Life (EBL4L) Weight/Body Fat Management System

What Is It?

This is a personalized weight loss and body fat management system that guarantees you’ll not only attain your weight /body fat goal(s), but also maintain your results for the long term. It guarantees you’ll avoid yo-yo dieting once and for all.

After surveying our members as to what their biggest challenge in following a fat burning food strategy was, we learned that having done-for-you food menus along with plug-and-go grocery lists was the missing link. EBL4L gives you that plus so much more.

You get customized menus based on your unique metabolic profile, goal(s), activity levels and the foods you like to eat. With our guidance you will essentially design your ideal food strategy to accelerate weight/fat loss built around your personal schedule.

We ensure you’re following the program correctly by meeting every week in a one to one format, usually for about 10 minutes to keep track of your progress. If any changes need to be made to your program, we can do so on the spot. By combining professional monitoring, education, motivation, and on going support, members not only attain weight loss goals, they stay within 5% of their ideal weight and body fat for the long term.

Research Shows….

The #1 Reason You’re Not Lean Right Now is you’re not following a customized food strategy…consistently.

The reasons you’re not, may be:

  • -You’re not serious enough about weight and fat loss to start eating right (only you can make this decision)
  • -You don’t know what to eat
  • -You don’t have the specific menus to follow
  • -You don’t have an accountability system
  • -You don’t know how to adjust your menus as you progress
  • -After you’ve attained your results, you don’t have a long term maintenance program.

The Solution: Eat & Be Lean For Life!

How It Works

  • First we find out your specific starting point based on your weight, body fat, and how fast you metabolize certain foods.
  • Second, we establish your goals. How many pounds do you want to lose, how much fat do you want to burn, and how fast.
  • We only set attainable and healthful goals.
  • We then sit down with you and formulate your ideal menu based on the foods you like to eat.
  • You’ll have the exact menu, with substitution and grocery lists.
  • You’ll meet with us once per week around your schedule to make sure you’re progressing at the correct rate and keep you focused.
  • If we need to change anything, we can do it on the spot.
  • As your body transforms, we adjust your program to keep you progressing every month.
  • Finally, once you reach your goal, we fine tune your program again for lifelong maintenance.

PLEASE NOTE: For non-members, the program includes professional exercise guidance you can carry out anywhere.


Long-Term Maintenance Built In

Without a doubt, the BIGGEST problem with most weight management programs is the rebound effect, once participants “go off” their “diets”.

Why would you want to burn 25lbs of fat by June to have gained 40lbs of fat by December?

Not only is this approach frustrating, it’s unhealthful.

Medical experts agree “yo-yo” dieting is worse for your health than not dieting at all.

In other words, and we’re quite serious about this; if you’re just looking for a short term weight/fat loss management program, this is NOT the system for you.

We’re not going to see you transform your body, get beach ready, only to have you blow up for the holidays.

Complete Education & Follow Up Support

The NEW Eat & Be Lean For Life is so powerful because in the process of transforming your body, you will have received a complete education on how your particular body type responds to food. Our follow up program provides unique e-mails, handouts and on-going “quizzes” to ensure you understand your lifelong approach to your new lean body.

What About The Cost?

EBL4L is affordable and priced for both members and non-members of Robaina Fitness.

Obviously, RFA Members receive hefty discounts to make it easy for everyone who is serious about weight/body fat management to participate.

Your initial “Get Started” consultation includes all your metabolic assessments, customized food menus, grocery lists, food/exercise journal and Eat & Be Lean DVD.

Your monthly follow up support which includes your maintenance program is about $12/week for Non-Members and as low as $10/month for Robaina Fitness Members depending on level of membership. For Personal Fitness Members, the program is included at no additional cost!

Great! How Do I Sign Up?

CALL: 786-346-9150 to schedule your “Get Started” consultation.

The initial consult takes about 1 hour and you will be given the tools you need to carry out the program successfully.

Only YOU can decide if burning fat and maintaining your ideal weight is important enough for you to do the RIGHT THING about it.

You KNOW what you’ve been missing is a done for you fat loss food program you could stick to.

Here it is, no more excuses, do it NOW! CALL:786-346-9150


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