What Motivates You?


GUARD UP! Newsletter COBRA-Fit Miami What Motivates You? Mike Fohner, cross country running coach, tells this story about one of his students: Last year, one of my young cross-country runners was fully content walking up the hills and avoiding physical exertion to the maximum extent possible. I tried all sorts of tactics and motivation techniques…to […]

Why Do We Train? Understanding COBRA Fit Miami Culture


“Don’t ever leave your health and personal safety in anybody’s hands. No government is going to protect you and your family or keep you fit and healthful. Real healthcare is self-care and God forbid you find yourself in a dangerous situation…only YOU will be there for you.” –Joe Robaina, Director COBRA Defense Miami Why do […]

Exercise Buddy System Helps Partners Stay the Course


  Those of us kicking off our annual fitness campaigns this month know all too well what some experts are warning the first six to eight weeks can “make it or break it” for any lifestyle change. But did you know that if you attempt to scale that mountain of a New Year’s resolution with […]

Guard Up! What It Means and Why It’s Important In Your Training


At COBRA-Fit Miami, you’ll often hear Instructors shouting “GUARD UP!” in the midst of class. It’s an important part of our Tribe Culture. Guard Up is more than just a reminder to keep your hands up during your training. It’s a reminder to stay alert and while keeping your guard up is part of your […]

How To Overcome Winter Weight Gain


Guard Up! COBRA-Fit Miami Newsletter Today, we’re taking a hard look at winter weight gain. It’s a common problem—people tend to pack on a few pounds during the winter months. But we want to fight back, and we hope you will join us. Let’s get after this now, while winter is still in full force. […]

Are You Still Planning To Lose Weight & Get In Shape?


It’s time to stop planning and start empowering yourself. The time to move is now, and our COBRA-Fit group coaching is the perfect way to get started. Exercising by yourself can be tough. Nobody knows if you skip, there is no one to push you a little harder, and you don’t have a commitment to […]

Top 10 Reasons Girls Need Martial Arts


Girls need martial arts training every bit as much as guys do, if not more so. To prove it to you, I’ve assembled a list of the 10 top reasons why Girls Need Martial Arts

The Winning Attitude for Weight-Loss


Achieving Your Weight Loss and Fitness Goals When it comes to success in your training goals…It’s 100% mental! If you don’t have the right mental state, you’ll never train your body correctly to get you where you want to go. Attitude is a skill. Just like physical training. You’re “attitude” is not mastered simply by […]

Weight Loss Tip 1, Throw Out Your Scale


When it comes to weight loss, don’t stress over the scale. Don’t cry over that extra .02 pounds that wasn’t there before you had lunch. Every day I see people walk in happy and confident, then after a hard workout get on the scale expecting to see a dramatic loss in weight and when they […]

Nothing But The Truth!


Greetings Robaina Fitness Crew!!! Since 1994, one of the most valuable services we’ve offered members is Health & Fitness Information You Can TRUST. We’ve never been about the quick fix, the miracle pill, methods that do nothing for you long term or worse, that have the potential to injure your health. The health/fitness industry is […]