Robaina Fitness & Martial Arts launches NINJA LAB


Robaina Fitness & Martial Arts launches NINJA LAB Program  & Brand

Miami, FL – Locally owned Robaina Fitness & Martial Arts announced today that it has rebranded their self- defense and martial arts program under the NINJA LAB banner. Ninja Lab is the brain-child of International  Martial Arts Hall of Famer,  and Founder of American Cane Self Defense & ACSD Tactical,  GM Joe Robaina. It is centrally located in the Miami, WestMiami, and Coral Gables area at 6262 SW 8th Street, Miami, Fl. 33144

Ninja Lab  Miami, a new division of ACSD Tactical,  offers reality based self defense and  fitness coupled with survival lifeskills that is for self protection and not for sport. Ninja Lab’s vision of the modern day ninja is that of protector of family, home, and community, one with leadership skills that maximizes their potential while adhering to the highest ethical standards and moral character.

Ninja Lab offers students modern day ninja  skills to survive any situation that may lead to physical and or mental confrontation.  From a physical perspective, the  system is effective and easy to learn. The techniques cover striking, locks, breaks, throws, ground fighting, multiple attacks, defenses against weapons and use of modern/legal self defense tools including the usage of common everyday items for self defense.

One of the benefits offered by the Ninja Lab is reality based scenarios such as home invasions and ATM assaults. The facility is equipped  to offer both indoor and outdoor reality based training.

The program is offered for both Adults and children in the following age groups: 3-4years, 5-6yr, 7-9yr, 10-14yr., and Adults.  Special  Saturday Open Classes allows Adult students to train with their children in a family atmosphere.

For more information please call 800-289-8188

Ninja Lab

6262 SW 8th Street, Miami, FL. 33144


  1. My friends and I are interested in taking a self defense class. Can you please send me information regarding schedule and pricing. Thanks

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