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Greetings Robaina Fitness Crew!!!

Dr. Joe Robaina of Robainas Boot Camp FitnessSince 1994, one of the most valuable services we’ve offered members is Health & Fitness Information You Can TRUST.

We’ve never been about the quick fix, the miracle pill, methods that do nothing for you long term or worse, that have the potential to injure your health. The health/fitness industry is overloaded with garbage and if you’re not careful you will find yourself drowning in it. When it comes to your health & fitness, following the wrong information can be costly and not just financially.

I made a decision long time ago to promote the health & fitness truth.

Of course, telling you what you want to hear is easier!

In the long run however, you’d throw me in the same room along with all the fad diets you’ve tried, the exercise equipment you don’t use, the commercial weight loss programs that caused you to gain more weight than ever and so on….

I prefer you keep me front center, prominently displayed, so here we go.

Things You May Have Said & Done, Don’t Want To Hear…But It’s The FITNESS TRUTH!

  • Relying on other’s food is a step in the wrong direction. Commercial pre-packaged food is NOT going to solve your problem. Cantinas are convenient, but believe me, you’re not going to be eating their food for life. If the method you’re “trying” requires you rely on someone’s else’s food, run the other way.
  • The New Diet Pill – Regardless of how good it sounds…let’s all say it together…g-a-r-b-a-g-e! Like any machine, the human body is always going to require maintenance, there is no one time solution. If it doesn’t require exercise and proper food intake, don’t even consider it. Give yourself  more credit, you’re alot smarter than that.
  • Short term results are important and exciting, but not if it doesn’t lead to long term maintenance. Does this sound familiar?: “I know xyz diet is not the solution, but I just want to drop10bs fast and then I’ll…” Then…you’ll gain 20lbs.  Avoid it like the plague.
  • “I can lose weight and get fit by walking, doing pilates, yoga, golfing, and doing gentle exercise…” These are all fine activities, however, listen carefully: If you’re trying to melt lard off your body, your exercise better lead to a faster metabolism. Without adding lean tone (muscle), you will not develop a faster metabolism. None of those activities promote lean muscle tone to the extent you need. Adding lean tone requires hard work which may make you sore initially and you will sweat.
  • “My friend went on a cleanse, spent all day in the bathroom and now she’s 15lbs lighter”. Forgive me for saying this… your friend was full of it. As a board certified Doctor of  Naturopathy, people always want me to outline some type of miracle cleanse so they “lose weight” and “feel better”. They’re shocked to learn I’m not in favor of “cleanses”. Most of them are irritating to the colon and completely unnecessary. While “cleansing” is one of the four natural laws of the body, if you keep the other 3 in check: exercise, proper food intake, and rest/relaxation your body will naturally clean house.
  • “Wow, Vanessa! You’ve dropped so much weight since your pregnancy. What’s your special diet?!” Sorry to disappoint, nothing new under the sun here. The first member in our Eat & Be Lean For Life database was the Iron Maiden. (Ask her to show you her daily food journal). We got her numbers, sat down, and did her customized menu. We re-assess weekly and fine tune accordingly. Keeping a journal is  the #1 method used (not just by us) but by physique professionals for one reason: Long term results never follow a straight line. Keeping a journal allows you to make the necessary changes along the way so you keep progressing.

So what’ll it be?

If you want to keep sugar coating it and lying to yourself about what you really need to do to lose weight, burn, fat and get in shape, go ahead, cause I sure won’t do it.

If you’re finally ready to do it right, give me a call (786-346-9150) and we’ll take the time to sit down with you one-on-one, educate you , motivate you, give you the tools you need, and we’ll be with you every step of the way.

You will never have to go on another diet again, or be fearful of rebounding weight gain.

And yes… we will be there to celebrate with you!

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  1. Maytee Deaza-Perez says

    Joe, you’re absolutely right!!!!(as usual)

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