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“Don’t ever leave your health and personal safety in anybody’s hands. No government is going to protect you and your family or keep you fit and healthful. Real healthcare is self-care and God forbid you find yourself in a dangerous situation…only YOU will be there for you.” –Joe Robaina, Director COBRA Defense Miami

Why do YOU train? If you’re like most people your answer is tied into a goal that sounds like “to lose weight”, “get in shape”, “to improve my health” “to fit back into my clothes”. Nothing wrong with those goals, but we believe that’s not the real reason legions of people head for the gyms the first quarter of every year. We believe weight loss, improving aesthetic appearance, and getting stronger is empowering, improves self-esteem, and increases confidence. Think of ALL the areas of life that are enhanced with a sense of empowerment, improved self-esteem and increased confidence. Think of the emotional content associated with those balanced qualities. Yet no one ever walks into a gym saying “I’m here to improve my self-esteem”. They ask for weight loss. However, the weight loss, the fitting back into the dress or dropping two pant sizes is a means to an end which runs deeper. When you say “I do it for my health”, what we hear is “I do it for the peace of mind associated with being fit and healthful”. “I want to be there for my family long term.” “I want to be functional.” Fitness goals are a means to a more important end.

At COBRA Fit Miami we understand life and progress are about movement. The day you stop moving, that’s the day you…stop moving. It goes way beyond vanity or even fitness. We train for life. Life is tough and often pushes people to give up. We believe our training is a vehicle for self –empowerment where giving up is never an option. COBRA Miami is more of a community than a gym. It’s a place where people from all walks of life can belong, believe, and achieve.

C.O.B.R.A. stands for Combat Objective Battle Ready Application. The training has real functional value beyond fitness. Every drill and sequence we perform has a purpose. A push-up becomes pushing off a bad guy or pushing yourself up after you’ve been down. If you’re down you have to keep kicking. Keeping your guard up means despite your body wanting to quit, you’re still in the fight because giving up is never an option. It develops mind, body, and an indomitable spirit that serves you in life.
It’s o.k. to just come in and get a workout. Our ultimate goal is for that workout to become a tool for self-care and a vehicle of empowerment for your mind, body and spirit.

Why Do YOU Train? Let us Know!

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