Robaina Fitness Associates, Fitness Programs

Robaina Fitness Associates has a number of different fitness programs to fit your fitness needs, goals, objectives and your budget.

Group Bootcamp Fitness

The boot camp fitness program, is a group program that is very popular and fun and is not only the best workout you’ll ever experience but will get you in the best shape of your life just by coming in 3 times a week for 30 minutes. You can read more about our bootcamp fitness program here.

Personal Fitness Training

There’s also personal fitness training where you get the individual 1 on 1 attention and where we focus on you exclusively. This is a great program if you’re maybe a little hesitant about being in a group setting or if you’re a competing athlete looking for a competitive edge. You can read more about personal fitness training here.

Drop 1 in 21

The “Drop 1 in 21” is a unique program where you get to drop a dress or a pant size, or more in 21 days or less. We give you a specific meal plan that outlines exactly what we want you to eat and get you in here for a 3x a week, 30 minute workout that will be the best workout of your life. It’s a great program for anyone who is looking for rapid and healthy weight loss. The Drop 1 in 21 is a special program and if this sounds like the fitness program that is for you make sure you ask about it when you call.

All Fitness Programs carry with it our guarantee of results. You will get the results you want, you will get in shape and you will be able to look in the mirror and see a sexy, lean fit body like you’ve always wanted to have. It’s guaranteed.

You are welcome to call us at 786-346-9150 to inquire about any of our fitness programs, or you can come visit us at 5801 SW 8th St.

Eat and Be Lean for Life

With all of our fitness programs you also get a meal plan we call “Eat and Be Lean for Life”. If you ever wanted to know exactly what to eat, when to eat and to eat in a way so that your body turns into a fat burning inferno, then this is a program you’re going to love. Click here to learn how to eat for maximum fat loss. 

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