Robaina's Rant

Ranting about fitness issues. People want instant results, but health and fitness comes from doing the right things over time. Not from some pill you see no late night television

The TRUTH About These Weight Loss Results


Where was your health & fitness just 5 years ago?   Has it improved or worsened? Has it stayed the same and if it has, is that a good thing? If you’re like MOST people, you’re probably heavier and more out of shape than you were 5 years ago. That’s OK, because the the TRUTH is […]

Nothing But The Truth!


Greetings Robaina Fitness Crew!!! Since 1994, one of the most valuable services we’ve offered members is Health & Fitness Information You Can TRUST. We’ve never been about the quick fix, the miracle pill, methods that do nothing for you long term or worse, that have the potential to injure your health. The health/fitness industry is […]

What Is The Real Cost of Fitness?


The U.S spends trillions of dollars on healthcare yet we’re not even among the top 20 countries at keeping our people healthful. Don’t know about you, but if I’m laying down my hard earned moolah, I better get what I pay for. In this case, that means I want a system that affords me great health and the energy to enjoy it.