The Winning Attitude for Weight-Loss


vanessa maria rodriguez, fitness trainer at robaina fitness associates in Miami

Achieving Your Weight Loss and Fitness Goals

When it comes to success in your training goals…It’s 100% mental! If you don’t have the right mental state, you’ll never train your body correctly to get you where you want to go.

Attitude is a skill. Just like physical training. You’re “attitude” is not mastered simply by doing it once. Imagine training for a marathon and going out for a run once or twice and then saying “the training didn’t work for me; I’ve got to try something different.” Too often mental skills are abandoned if they don’t bring immediate results.

What’s the difference between someone who can get the job done and someone who can’t? ATTITUDE! They,  “Just do it” Those who are winning the weight loss battle keep their priorities in order. They don’t give up what they ultimately want for what they want now.

What I  mean by that is when you continually sabotage a good diet for junk, your attitude is telling the world you prefer that double cheeseburger more than a strong,      healthy and functional body.

 Lean bodies aren’t a product of genetics. All you need is a powerful attitude, accountability and some good old fashion hard work! At Robaina Fitness, we’ve cultivated an environment where you’re pushed in those 3 areas to get you where you SHOULD be.

You’ve missed a class? Then you’ll definitely hear from us to remind you that bad weather, a broken toe or getting your nails done are not valid excuses. We can work around almost anything to make sure you drop those FAT pounds.

Our most successful clients have the same amount of time as we all do…24 hours in 1 day. They are married, have children, work and love to eat just like anyone else. What they are is consistent. They don’t turn everything into an excuse not to workout. They train with us at least 30 min, 3 times a week. When they have a cheat meal they don’t turn it into a cheat week and say, “oh, I’ll just start my diet again on Monday”. They bring in their food journals for us to review and don’t lie about their eating habits.

Some may criticize them and say, “I’m too busy…I don’t live to workout…I have a life”. What they don’t realize is those who are “Winning” (as Charlie Sheen would say) don’t live to workout either. They workout to LIVE! Their training fuels their life. That’s the RIGHT “attitude” to have.

A good mental exercise to is to make a list of 3 ways your active lifestyle helps you better yourself at a deeper level. Do this every day. Soon you’ll have  such long list of reasons to get to the gym that you won’t be able to find an excuse NOT to workout.

So bring your new winning attitude to Robaina Fitness – the king of efficient workouts- and we’ll make the most of your time.

Remember, you can make excuses or you can make the time but you can’t make both.


About Vanessa

As a wife, mother and business owner, I know the difficulty in finding the time to maintain a healthy lifestyle. I use High Intensity Interval exercise and use this method with her group classes and private clients for outstanding results without hours in the gym.

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