Eat And Be Lean

Learn How To Eat For Maximum Fat Loss Full Length DVD & Manual

If you live too far to come to Boot Camp, of if some other reason is keeping you out of the gym, you can still improve your health and lose weight by learning how to eat properly. There is no under emphasizing how critical it is to have the right eating strategy and on a scale of 1 to 10, eating right comes in at a twenty.


1) You’re tired of trying every diet ever invented and finally want a “fail-proof” eating strategy that will allow you to burn maximum fat pounds in record time…and keep them off.

2) You want to burn abdominal fat…fast!

3) You just started exercising but don’t have a customized eating strategy to follow. You won’t believe your progress in your first two weeks!

4) You’ve gained weight and want the fastest, most effective eating strategy to maximize fat loss.

5) You want to look your best for summer: Everyone will ask what your secret is!!!

6) You’ve lost some weight but want to revamp your motor for maximum fat loss!

I’ve heard all kinds of excuses for not taking applying this strategy immediately including ” I already know how to eat, I just have to do it”. I worked with a nutritionist so I know what to eat….blah, blah, blah”. I’m already following Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers…etc.


I have nutritionists and registered dieticians as clients because they do NOT specialize in performance nutrition and they will not do on their own what’s necessary to reach their goals. (They admit what they learned in school and how it applies in the world of human performance doesn’t add up).

Medical doctors, dentists, and chiropractors also come see me for real, long term results.

And my favorite…I’ve had people who work for Craig and Watchers sign up for my programs as well.

So the question is (especially if you’ve been exercising but don’t have a food plan to follow):

“How much fat will you burn this year, if you plug into this fat loss system that gives you not only the know-how but also provides you with all the support you need to make it happen?”

Over time, most of our members drop two pant/dress sizes just for showing up regularly to exercise class.

Now imagine how much fat you’ll burn if you allow me to guide you with your food plan?

You Can Have Instant Access To The Following:

– What, when and how much to eat to maximize fat loss.
– How to carry out your fat loss strategy even if you’re eating at restaurants or traveling.-
– Don’t rely on pre-packaged foods. You can do this with regular food you find at your local grocery store.
– Stop counting calories/weighing food! Simple method allows you to know how much is optimal for fat burning.
– Why you don’t have to go “fat free”
– How to choose foods for your genetic blueprint (lists included)!
– How to enjoy that glass of wine at a social event and still stoke the fat burning furnace.
– When it’s ok to over eat and exactly what to do to start burning fat again with your next meal!!!

No More Diets to Start on Mondays! This is a life long eating strategy you can comfortably maintain for life! It’s what our most successful members have followed for years and one of the main reasons they’ve shattered every “rebound statistic” and kept lean and healthful for life!.