Your Flat Stomach Begins in Your Brain


Achieving the tight stomach and firm ads just don’t happen by accident and regardless of what the latest infomercial has to say there is no quick fix, magic pill, or magic machine.

The motivation for changing the look of your stomach and abs comes from inside of you.

The point being that getting abs that are ripped does require a change in thinking as well as a change in lifestyle. Here are some very basic and fundamental tips.

1. Stay focused on what you want.

2. Concentrate on doing what will get you what you want.

3. Follow the “Eat and Be Lean” program as rigorously as  possible.

Finally, if you are out somewhere with someone who has orderd a big slice of chocolate cake and to assuage their guilt they try and get you to have some too – well you have our permission to just hand them our card and tell them that you’ve worked too hard for your body to succumb to the false hope, promise and allure of the processed sugar rush.

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