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These are some of the basics I consider a MUST if you’re serious about fat loss. If you’re not familiar with our Eat & Be Lean program, these tips will get you going in the right direction. However, I highly recommend you purchase the video & get started right NOW. It has invaluable information for the lifestyle change you’re looking for.


Liquid calories add up very quick! After the can of soda, latte, smoothie and cocktail, you already have ingested more calories than some people require in a day. The average margarita has about 500 calories. Even with all the protein and vitamins dropped into smoothies nowadays, they can still pack between 500 to 1000 calories. One can of soda has an equivalent of 11 tbsp of sugar! Your brain doesn’t register liquid calories the same way it does calories that are chewed. It doesn’t send the signal letting you know, “hey, you’re full now you can stop eating”. That’s why eating a meal that has 1500 calories may have you feeling stuffed and drinking 3-4 margaritas may just make you hungrier. Stay away from juices also. Even if they are all natural and organic. They still have a lot of sugar.


First thing you should do when you’re deciding what to eat is choose your protein source. All your meals should revolve around a protein. Even your snacks. If you want to have an apple, have it with protein. Example- apple & cottage cheese or small protein shake. How do you know if it’s a protein? If at one point it was walking around, running around or swimming around, it’s a protein. Cottage cheese is the only cheese considered a protein. Eggs are protein. And although peanut butter and milk are considered proteins on other programs, here peanut butter is a fat while milk is a carb.


You can have rice and beans…just not at the same time. Choose your carb source and stick to just that. And make sure it’s roughly the same size as your protein source. Don’t have a serving of fish that fits in the palm of your hand while your rice is falling off the plate. For a sandwich, have it with only 1 slice of bread. I use lettuce as the other half of the bun. You could also just opt for a wrap instead of bread.


This is very important. Many people try to eat less and cut calories way too much, You CANNOT drop fat like this. You’ll lose water weight, muscle and bring your metabolism to almost a complete stand still. For every pound of muscle you lose, your body also starts burning 50-100 calories LESS. Most people who are very overweight are the same people who don’t understand why if they only eat 1 -2 meals a day. Doing that sends a message to your body telling it to hold on to as much fat as possible because food is scarce and we don’t know when we’re going to eat again. That worked during the caveman era when we hunted for our food. Food is everywhere these days. Eat! Let your body absorb the nutrients it needs and eliminate the junk.

A little side note for coffee lovers…

COFFEE- Many of you enjoy coffee as much as I do. Provided you drink it in moderation AND drink it the way I’ll describe, coffee will rev up your metabolism. Caffeine stimulates the nervous system and causes the body to release a small amount of energy from its fat stores. However, when you add the milk, cream or sugar you cause insulin levels to rise, which diminishes the metabolic effect. Your best bet with coffee is to drink it black. NO cream…NO milk. I like to sprinkle cinnamon in it to add flavor (cinnamon is also good to bring up metabolism and keep insulin levels down). NO sugar. NO equal or spelenda either, both have many risk factors to them. Try stevia. It’s a natural herb used for sweetening. You can find it at Whole Foods. I keep a few packets in my purse so I’ll be ready when I want my coffee. Another option, use a ready to drink protein shake as your creamer. This turns your cup of coffee from just a drink to one of your mini meals by packing it with protein.

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